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Frequently Asked Questions

For multiple outlet retailers is it possible to send a unique order notification to an individual location?

Currently, order notifications are sent to all users who have been setup inside shopify. Which means that even if an order is placed for pickup at an individual location, the order notification will be distributed to all locations.

Can I install apps?

3rd party apps are not supported by Beam Local. Retailers can choose to use 3rd party apps but the costs and the support is handled by the maker of the app not Beam Local.

Is live chat an option?

There are 3rd party apps which you can use to power live chat. Including Facebook, Apple, among others. Please note, apps are not supported by Beam Local.

Does the system sync with my POS inventory?

Shopify does not currently have a direct two way connection to your POS, so Inventory is not managed. Instead online customers can purchase any listed item and if you are out of stock of that item you can communicate that to the customer and offer an alternative.

Can Customers select 3rd party colours for tint matching?

Yes, you can collect this information in the additional details field which is available on each paint product page.

Can you add a disclaimer that tinted paint is non refundable?

Yes this can be added to the site. Beam Local sets this up for you during onboarding and adds it to the website for the retailer.

Can I rename my colours / sizes in my system?

You cannot rename the colour names or the sizes in the system as we use these to help organize batch uploads so if you rename the colours/sizes there’s no way to make fast/batch updates to your site over time.

Do you have photos for all of the sundries that are loaded into the online store?

We have coverage for about 50% of the sundries in our catalog.

How do I load photos for the sundries that do not have a photo?

You can either reach out the suppliers and ask them for the product photos. Once you have them we can load them onto your website. OR you can simply take a photo of the product in your store and upload it using the shopify app.

Am I able to update the shopify store so it looks and feels more like my existing website?

This is limited. You can update the photos and add pages but the structure of the site must stay the same.

Can I sell design services on shopify?

Yes, you can sell 30 minute consults as a product.

Am I able to make updates to pricing and products myself?

Yes, you are able to make pricing updates and add products yourself. Our team is here to support you if you have questions along the way.

How many sundries can I load to the site?

You can load an unlimited number of sundries to your website.

Also, we can match your painting tools inventory up against our library of 900+ sundries and you’ll likely get between 300-600 popular sundries loaded with this option.

Can I add other paint products to my website?

You can load additional products including additional lines of paint. This is not something Beam Local can provide support for, but it can be done DIY through the Shopify admin.

Can a contractor use the site and charge a House Account?

Yes a contractor can use the site as an ordering form and charge to a house account. Your team will then receive the order to fulfill and apply any necessary discounting.

Can I sell on Facebook?

Yes you are welcome to sell on facebook (the only place you are not allowed to sell is eBay). However, beam local does not support selling on facebook or other third parties (instagram etc.). We only support shopify.

How does the system handle tax rounding?

Tax is now rounded at the line-item level, which means the tax amount is rounded for every product individually. The line-item tax amount of $1.9487 is rounded to $1.95, which is then added together to get the total. In this case, the tax total is $81.90.

More information is available here.

Can I use MSRP pricing for the paint products on the online store?

Yes, but you will need to provide us with a csv file that includes MSRP pricing for the products that you carry. The csv file will need to include the UPC and item number as well.

Can I use DHL as a shipping option?

DHL is an international service only – it will not show up for US/Domestic customers. If the merchant ships outside of the US and has DHL as a service provider, the rates will appear.

Can I customize the stock photos on my website?

Yes, we use and to source free stock photography. You can easily update the photos yourself or you can provide us with the files and we can make the updates for you.

If you have not found the answer you are looking for, please contact and one of our friendly experts will be happy to answer your question for you.

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