Useful Features That Make Selling Paint Online Easy

Beam Local’s turnkey online paint stores come loaded with useful features that make running your online store a breeze and ensure your customers have a world-class online shopping experience.

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Powered by Shopify

Trusted by over 1,700,000 businesses worldwide, Shopify–the all-in-one hosted ecommerce platform–powers your website.

Shopify Apps

Your online paint store will grant you access to countless Shopify Apps. These include apps we’ve built specifically for paint stores (Magical Colour Variants, Magical Related Products, and Magical Mandatory Fees) as well as access to Shopify’s marketing apps like Google, Facebook, and Instagram to easily launch online campaigns.

Payment Processing

Shopify offers a variety of payment methods, including Shopify Payments, a seamless and secure transaction system that supports credit card payments and delivery or contactless pickup.

Pick-Up, Delivery & Shipping Options

You can choose from local pick-up, delivery, and shipping options for your online store and customize which are available based on your capabilities.

Over 1,000 Pre-Built Products

Beam Local integrates a catalogue of paint products along with select sundries to form a library of over 1,000 products.

Extensive Colour Library

Every store comes complete with our vast colour library. The thousands of colours in the library can be browsed by an organized set of collections or families.

Ancillary Pages

Beyond your homepage, colour pages, and product pages up to ten ancillary page builds are included with every store. These are perfect for team pages, testimonials, or even a fully featured blog.

Showcase Your Inventory

Sometimes it can be hard to keep products in stock. With your online store, you can choose to showcase only what you have inventory for. This keeps customers informed and encourages more sales of the products you do have in stock.

Integrated Colour Picker

The included Magical Colour Variants Shopify app offers customers a fast and intuitive way to choose from thousands of available paint colors on any product page. It’s easily searchable and comes complete with preview swatches. It can be enabled or disabled on all pages or a specific set of pages and also includes a custom colour input option.

Automatic Colour Mapping to Base Tints

Colours selected by customers automatically map to the appropriate base tint when added to their cart, which makes it easier for you to understand which ones are needed for a particular order. Although we do not support it as part of the program, this makes connecting your inventory to your POS easier than ever as well.

Dynamic Colour Deep Linking

Colours dynamically deep link to tintable paint products, enhancing the speed with which customers can checkout. When a customer browses a colour page on your store and then navigates to a page of a product that can be tinted by that colour, it will automatically populate the colour selection field with it.

Sheen Selector

The included Magical Related Products Shopify App offers a simple and easy way to create links between products. This allows, for instance, the different sheens of a paint product to be linked directly on each relevant product page. Customers can then more easily swap between them.

Charge Mandatory Fees

The optional Magical Mandatory Fees Shopify App add-on allows for easy set up and management of any service, product, or mandatory fees your store would like to or needs to charge on the sale of any product. The app enables the application of these fees manually or through automated conditions. See our Pricing page to learn more about this add-on.

Insightful Analytics

You’ll have access to a world of performance metrics powered by Google Analytics to better understand traffic trends and how people are interacting with your online store.

Search Engine Optimization

We customize your website to ensure that you start to show up more often on Google when people are searching for the types of services you offer.

Secure Hosting

We use enterprise grade servers which provide fast and secure hosting for your website. Our websites are monitored 24/7/365 so you can rest easy knowing we have you covered.

Mobile Friendly

Your website will work on all devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, big phones, small phones, and more. We’ll ensure it’s updated to work on all popular devices now and forever.

Free Support for Life

It’s easy to make updates independently, but you’re never alone with Beam Local. Whether you’re looking to add a new product, update your pricing, or change your store hours, our friendly support team is happy to help.

Introducing The New Online Paint Store Experience

We’ve taken what we’ve learned helping over 190 paint retailers to date and developed the latest, most powerful version of our platform: Online Paint Store V3. It’s a better way to sell paint online. You’ll look better, sell more, and save time doing it.

Make money. Save time. Start selling paint online today.

You’ve got a job to do: sell more paint, improve efficiencies, and make your customers happy. A turnkey online paint store paired with unlimited expert support from our team will help you achieve this.

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