Best Lawyer WordPress Themes for 2018

Many lawyers and law firms are faced with a tough question when they decide to get a website for their firm, or practice. Should I build my own website from scratch, hire someone else to build a custom legal website for them, or use some sort of template or WordPress theme.

One popular option many attorneys choose is to find an existing WordPress Theme which they can use as a base for their website.

We’re WordPress experts here at Beam Local so we’ve taken the time to find the best lawyer WordPress themes in the world, hand picked by our team from hundreds of the latest themes available on the market today.

Over the past few years we’ve highlighted the best lawyer website designs for 2018, 2017, 2016 (and now 2019!). However, we know that sometimes it’s easier to build a website for your practice when you have a solid base to build from. So, we’ve decided to take a look at a more specific area: the best lawyer WordPress themes for 2018.

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Kallyas – Lawyer

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A modern, well-refined, and professional law firm theme.

Countless lawyer websites are outdated and unprofessional, something which creates a strong misrepresentation of the legitimacy and skill of the lawyers or firms the website represents.

The Kallyas Lawyer WordPress theme on the other hand is modern in every sense of the word. It fully conveys a sense of professionalism through its minimal colour palette, strong typographic hierarchy and information architecture balanced with carefully placed icon accents.

While this can be changed if you were to use the template, much of the photographic emphasis is placed on showing the lawyers themselves. This is a smart move by our estimation as ultimately, it is the lawyers who clients will be interacting and forming relationships with. The use of icons for things such as the practice areas instead of photos allows for this emphasis to shine through.

People are looking for someone they can trust, and this theme conveys just that through the design: trust.

Level Up – Home Design Studio

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A clean, minimal template allowing clear messaging.

Sometimes less is more. The Level Up – Home Design Studio template was created for design studios. But the short scrolling and clean nature of the template mean it offers the perfect opportunity for lawyers and law firms looking for a website that can effectively communicate their strong, refined core messaging.

The solid coloured header with a single headline and a call to action offer a great opportunity to make a good first impression. This is something which is arguably the most important aspect of your website. Some visitors will not scroll through your entire site, let alone read most of the content. So, a good first impression through the use of a focused single message is an effective approach this template enables.

Melinda – Home Personal

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Perfect theme for sole practitioners.

If you’re a sole practitioner, the pivotal aspect of your business is obvious: yourself. The Melinda – Home Personal theme places the individual front and center, allowing you to introduce yourself to potential clients and start building a relationship the moment the page loads.

As you scroll down, several different section options exist allowing you to communicate your experience, education, practice areas, skills, affiliations, and more.

Most lawyer websites start with a large, full width image header; there’s nothing wrong with this and there’s several like that on our list. But this theme is different. It’s different not for the sake of being different, but because it is being aimed at different demographic. And it’s all the more effective for sole practitioners because of that specialization; it stands out from the crowd.

Mastor – Home 2

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Professional responsive theme with slick animation touches.

Creating a nice layout is one thing, but breathing some life into it with some animation is another. The Mastor theme takes a solid base featuring everything you’d expect from a top lawyer theme for WordPress. It features calls to action above the fold, video support, testimonials, biographies, a blog, contact form, and more. But it takes an extra step through the implementation of subtle touches of animation throughout. This injects a great deal of life into the design. Reading up on law related issues might not be the most exciting thing for most visitors to your site, so these touches help to make it into a more engaging experience.

Level Up – Home Financial Services

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Dazzling 3D header contrasted by simple content structure.

The 3D mouse-based effect on the header for this Level Up – Home Financial Services theme is engaging and makes a strong first impression. But what we love even more is the simple content structure.

It starts right below the header with the classic ‘three boxes’ configuration, allowing you to present your three key selling points, or a listing of your practice areas. Below that, every section is anchored along the left by a subtitle and headline. This allows for an easy to follow browsing experience. The sections that follow can easily display your team of lawyers and statistics related to your firm.

Some websites benefit from complex and interesting layouts, but this theme gets points for keeping things simple while injecting visual interest in small doses.

Maxim Law

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The shortest of the group.

So much is often said about keeping content “above the fold”. But what if there is no “fold”? That’s practically what the Maxim Law theme accomplishes. The three boxes on the homepage and listing of articles along the right hand side encourage users to dive deeper into the site with very minimal effort. Rather than scrolling and looking, they simply have to click in the direction that interests them. Reducing the barrier to entry in this way can be an effective approach.

We also appreciate the effective use of rotating background imagery in this theme to lend greater visual interest to the page.

Melinda – Home Startup

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Capture leads instantly with this fully-featured theme.

We love many aspects of this well-crafted theme. For instance, the cutout with quote helps build credibility, the gutterless image grid is perfect for practice areas, and the call to action at the bottom is bold and clear.

But the piece we love the most is right in the header: the contact form. Having the contact form right in the header is a great way to capture potential leads. Potential clients will understand immediately how to contact you when they’re ready. Ultimately, the goal of any law firm website should be to drive new leads for your business, so themes such as this one which prioritize that become hard to pass up.

MW Templaes – Lawyer & Attorney

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Vibrancy and personality ooze from this lawyer theme.

Who says lawyer websites can’t be vibrant and even a little bit fun? MW Templates certainly doesn’t with their Lawyer & Attorney theme. In many ways, it is similar to the Mastor theme featured above in terms of the layout and touches of animation. What sets it apart for us is the vibrant colour palette and a few of the unique section designs such as the one for testimonials and lawyer listing.

Playing it safe and striving for ultimate clarity is a valid approach. But thinking about how you can stand out from the crowd with a sense of personality through a theme like this one is something every law firm should consider as well.

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