Robin Hood Technology and Beam Local logos

Partnership Announcement

We are excited to announce that Robin Hood Technology has partnered with Beam Local. Beam Local has acquired and will manage all Robin Hood Technology/Plujo website programs – effective December 1st, 2020.

This partnership is the latest in a series of enhancements that we have made to our website hosting and support programs – constantly striving to provide the best to you, our valued customers and friends.

Who is Beam Local?

We are a website design and development company based in Toronto, Ontario. We have over 500, very happy, long term clients. Robin Hood Technology selected us as a partner due to our ability to offer digital marketing services – but mostly because of our high levels of customer support.

What IS Changing


Our team at Beam Local will be the ones to answer your website update requests.

Marketing Services:

SEO, Logo Design and other marketing services will be available.


Your monthly subscription will be processed by Beam Local.

What is NOT Changing

Your Website

Your website will remain 100% as it is – same server, same design, same everything.

Your Email Accounts

Your email accounts (if you have them) will remain 100% the same.

Your Monthly Subscription

Your monthly subscription fee will not change.

RHT Team

The RHT team is still involved (they’re just working behind the scenes).

What You Need To Do

In order to ensure that your website remains active through this transition, you must register with us by November 20th, 2020. This is your chance to introduce yourself to us – and us to you. Please note that during the registration process you will be asked for contact and billing information.

Register with Beam Local by calling 1-855-831-4530 or email