Introducing The New Online Paint Store Experience

Having helped 200+ paint retailers to date, we’ve learned a lot about what they need and what their customers expect from an online shopping experience. We’ve taken what we’ve learned and developed the latest, most powerful version of our platform to date: Online Paint Store V3. It’s a better way to sell paint online.

How It Can Help Your Store

Online Paint Store V3 has been engineered with a specific goal in mind: help paint stores make more money online, save more time, and reach new customers, all with more ease and flexibility than ever before.

Here’s a few of the ways Online Paint Store V3 can help your store:

Streamline The Purchasing Experience

Customers can enjoy a streamlined purchasing process thanks to an all-new colour experience throughout your store. Colours are now easier to browse with more beautiful collection pages. Colours now automatically populate the colour picker field of tintable paint products when you navigate from an individual colour page to a corresponding product page.

Speed Up Order Fulfillment

Colours selected by customers will now map to applicable base tints through to checkout, making it easier for you to understand which ones are needed for a particular order. Manual confirmation of the appropriate base tint will be a thing of the past, speeding up the order fulfillment process.

Make Customization Easier

Stores now feature drag-and-drop design and customization options that are flexible, allowing you to create more custom pages throughout your store without special coding. This is done through Dawn, a fast, modern, and flexible theme built on Shopify’s latest OS 2.0 platform.

How is Online Paint Store V3 Better Than V2?

1. Higher Performance

Using Google’s own website testing tool, stores on Online Store V3 score a perfect 100 for Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO. For Performance, V3 improves upon V2 by an average of 18%, netting out at a strong score of 88. And the perfect Best Practices score is an improvement of 12% on average. This translates to a better user experience, which means less possibility of customers leaving your website due to technical issues, and more sales to your store.

2. Enhanced Portability

It’s now easier to switch themes, enable or disable specific features, or even use them on other stores. Two key changes made this possible: The theme used for V3–Dawn–has less hard-coded customizations than V2 had. And core pieces of functionality are now entirely separated from the theme as standalone Shopify Apps: Magical Colour Variants, Magical Related Products, and Magical Mandatory Fees.

3. Deeper Customization

Thanks to the adoption of Shopify’s latest OS 2.0 framework, Online Paint Store V3 offers easier and more flexible page customization options. V2 only allowed for significant customization on the homepage. Now, for instance, it is possible to customize even product pages with greater fidelity. No developer intervention required.

Standard Features Included With Every Store

Beyond Online Paint Store V3’s new and improved features, every online store comes bundled with a standard set of features that help make selling paint online easier than ever.

Make money. Save time. Start selling paint online today.

You’ve got a job to do: sell more paint, improve efficiencies, and make your customers happy. A turnkey online paint store paired with unlimited expert support from our team will help you achieve this.

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